Workshops for Professionals

image5Dr. Pfeiffer is an internationally-recognized authority and popular speaker. A clear communicator and good listener, he is a frequent speaker at workshops in the USA and internationally. His talks have included presentations in Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, and Spain. He has testified before the Italian Parliament and USA White House.

“An engaging, informative speaker with academic rigor and an extraordinary expertise in the field of psychology and child development. He speaks with immense clarity, calmness, compassion and humor.”Claire Angeletti, Head of Drama and Well-Being, St. George’s British International School, Rome

Example Topics:

  • Integrating positive psychology into your practice
  • Cutting-edge approaches to identifying gifted and talented students
  • Mindfulness as a therapeutic tool
  • Why empathy and emotional intelligence matter
  • Optimizing mental health
  • Strengths of the heart lead to psychological well-being
  • What’s important about character strengths and virtues?

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