Workshops for Parents


Dr. Pfeiffer is a noted authority on parenting, effective discipline, and raising psychologically healthy and well-adjusted youth. His writings, clinical work, and ground-breaking research investigating emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning reflect the importance he places on “the whole child.”

Dr. Pfeiffer is a compelling speaker and an excellent listener. His lively and engaging talks and workshops provide audiences with practical advice and proven ways to best connect with kids and adolescents, and make a real difference in their lives.

“A great speaker, he reaches our soul and emotions when he presents on head and heart strengths.”Solange Wechsler, PhD, Professor, Pontificial Catholic University of Campinas, and President, Brazilian Creativity and Innovation Association

“An inspiring speaker! I have learned a lot from him!”Denise Fleith, PhD, Professor, Institute of Psychology, University of Brasilia, Brazil

Example Topics:

  • Raising emotionally healthy kids
  • Practical advice on how to light your child’s motivational flame
  • Helping anxious kids
  • Is my kid gifted or just smart?
  • Ways to cultivate empathy and emotional intelligence within the family
  • Parenting techniques that work
  • How parents and teachers can work together to build success
  • The real dangers of the Internet: Successfully managing your child’s ‘addiction’
  • Building family cohesion and intimacy during these very challenging times

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