Workshops for Educators


Steven Pfeiffer is a frequent speaker at teacher conferences. He has led workshops for educators, both in the USA and internationally. Recognized as a leading authority on the social, emotional, and psycho-educational needs of today’s children and youth, he is an engaging, compelling, and informative speaker.

“Some speakers attract their audiences with the quality of their ideas, others with their persuasive talents, still others with the warmth emanating from their personality. Professor Pfeiffer has succeeded in combining all these qualities in one congenial and charming individual.”Françoys Gagné, PhD, Professor Emeritus Psychology, University Montreal

Example Topics:

  • Optimizing classroom discipline
  • Use and misuse of tests and assessment
  • Lessons learned as a therapist applied to the classroom
  • Managing the unique social and emotional needs of gifted students
  • Helping anxious, depressed, underachieving, and/or misbehaving students
  • Teachers can help students discover their passion
  • How teachers and parents can work together to build success
  • Ways to build resilience and psychological well-being

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