File Dec 19, 9 14 50 AMSteven Pfeiffer is a popular speaker on parenting and gifted education, psychologist, author, consultant, and therapist. Professor Emeritus at Florida State University with 40 years’ professional experience, he brings a wealth of first-hand experience to his workshops, talks, consulting, and clinical work.

Steven Pfeiffer is also a family man: married, with three grown children and 5 grandchildren.  He enjoys biking, tennis, skiing, trail running, and international travel.

He embodies qualities that make for a lively speaker and highly effective therapist and consultant: well-trained and knowledgeable, creative, good listener, compassionate, optimistic, and clear communicator.

“Among the small group of the world’s leading experts in the field, Dr. Steven Pfeiffer is an unusually articulate spokesperson on the varied topics that make up the broad domains of gifted education and gifted assessment.” –Alan Kaufman, Yale University School of Medicine and Child Study Center.


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